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Dearest Sacred Garden Psychic. I am blown away to the moon! You told me my boss , whom everyone avoids because she is an b--, would make me her lead team member this spring. When we hung up I thought "this girl is wayyyy off". I was not sure if i would call you again. You were confident what you saw would come to pass. Ok so:  5 days later she calls me to ask if I would meet her for coffee. WHAT? I was shaking and thought I would be fired. She said she has been watching me and that I remind her of herself at a younger age! I guess that makes me a b----? LOL. ANYWAYS: she made me her team leader!! I received a raise! Im in shock and I will be calling you NANCI! So now, what is up with LOVE? Caytlyn


Hi Caytlyn. I am so glad this came to fruition! Remember I had mentioned that AFTER your new position you would meet a man with an F name. It makes me think it is Frank Allen or Allen Frank. That could be a last or middle name! Congrats girl! It cannot hurt to have a little b--- in you! hehe, blessings Sacred Garden Psychic


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Help Nicole! My name is Yannerdy. I moved to Greece to be near my love not considering my work situation. I am glad I moved to be near my love yet my lack of employment is wearing on the quality of our relationship. Does anything show you what the cards say about this? Thanks, Yan



Hi Yannerdy! The first thing that came up here is a card that shows you will have a choice between two jobs, in JULY. One may cause a bit of anxiety as you consider it because it takes you away on travel monthly. if you can work through that worry about being away 3-4 days a month (from your love)this job end up being an amazing blessing to you and your partner! You will be valued at your job and be able to take your mate with you on your travels. Hang in the a little longer as the job is around the corner! Yea! Happy for you! Nicole

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One of the paranormal investigations I have participated in. My job is to locate the spirits/entities,listen to their story and sometimes help them move on.

Vance Hotel Investigation (Mark's evidence)

Mark's camera and video evidence from The Vance Hotel investigation on February 20, 2015.While nothing in this video is overly compelling, it is nonetheless interesting and worth consideration...

Posted by Humboldt Area Paranormal Society on Monday, March 9, 2015



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